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It’s important to protect your home in every event. Before you’re seeing a puddle in the living room or dealing with the fallout of high winds and hail damage, you need to find a roofing company that can get your commercial or residential property in tip-top shape. At Superior Roofing & Restoration, you can always count on us to keep a strong roof over your head.

Superior Roofing & Restoration owner and his family

A Family Owned Business Invested in the Community

Roofing contractor Tom Beetch is the proud owner of our company. He and his wife moved to Hayward because they wanted to raise their family in a smaller community. Attention to detail and a hard work ethic have given him the confidence to start, build, and lead a new roofing company that can meet the needs of the community. 

Exceptionalism Rooted in Experience

Living in Rochester, MN, for the last 12 years, Tom was fortunate to have worked with a great company prior to the opening of our roofing company in Hayward, WI. He worked as an independent contractor and specialized in addressing insurance claims across the upper Midwest. Working in five different states, Tom has experience working with residential homes up to multi-unit apartment complexes. 

Services Completed With Military Precision

Prior to being a roofing contractor, Tom served in the Marine Corps for four years, and he is a combat veteran. This instilled many traits in him that he uses in his everyday life and in the completion of roofing services: honor, courage, and commitment are the pillars of the Marine Corps and will be the pillars of Superior Roofing & Restoration as we work hard for you. 

A Family Man Through & Through

Our roofing company is centered on family values and honesty. Tom has been very blessed and is married to his supportive and amazing wife, Jennifer Beetch. She continues to be the cornerstone of the family and a very talented real estate agent. They have three children, Addison is soon to be 10 and starting fourth grade, Lydia is 8 and is starting first grade, and Noah is 3 and continues to get into everything.

Jamie Ohm has 14 years in the roofing industry and is an expert in his field. His attention to detail and hard work ethic make him one of the top performers in the area. He enjoys working with homeowners and educating them throughout the insurance claim process. With thousands of claims under his belt, he is the professional you want on your side if your property has been damaged in a storm!
  • Marine Owned & Operated
  • Extensive Experience in Roofing
  • Family-Focused Services

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If you’re in need of roofing services that will always deliver, reach out to Superior Roofing & Restoration in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Get in touch with us today to speak with an experienced roofing installer and schedule a free estimate.

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